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Taxes are a fundamental aspect of every business and as such your business lawyer needs to be adept at managing your taxes through advantageous legal tax strategies to optimize your financial position.

Intelligent tax planning is an essential element to successful business transactions and ongoing corporate operations.  Given the increasing complexity of tax laws, it is essential that you have knowledgeable legal counsel to direct you through the many onerous personal and corporate tax challenges that your business may encounter.

An effective tax strategy begins with initial strategic planning and an assessment of alternative tax scenarios.  Working with tax accountants on devising the appropriate tax approach, while drafting supporting tax documentation - positions your business to counter adverse tax assessments and tax litigation.  Our goal is to structure your business and its operations to maximize tax efficiencies while minimizing risk.

Examples of tax law work include: section 85 tax rollovers, estate freezes, butterfly reorganizations, tax programs (i.e., scientific research and experimental development tax credit, Canadian controlled private corporation - small business deduction).

Tax law has been an integral part of my entire legal career, commencing in law school where I attained a specialization in taxation, through my years in the United States working on a vast array of tax matters (involving senior tax representatives at the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and Department of Treasury), to my present legal work on corporate transactions and as a business advisor on legal matters, tax law and the development of tax-efficient strategies remains at the forefront of my professional legal practice.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Mississauga tax lawyer Christopher Neufeld, call 905-616-8864 or email Chris@MississaugaBusinessLawyer.com.  


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Lawyer Business Mississauga

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